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Available Software (PAD files; download stats)
Windows ( includes DOS version)
Program Description Version
ANSICON ANSI escape sequences for console programs. 1.89
BEW Batch enhancer for Windows. 1.01
Beyonwiz Updated packages for Beyonwiz T/U/V PVRs. (Updated 7 July, 2024.)  
Boot Screen Animated XP/Vista boot screens.  
CMDread Enhanced command line editing for CMD.EXE. 2.12
Console Dump Save the console screen as HTML or ANSI. 1.00
Decay Windows screensaver. 1.01
Enhanced versions of DEL and RD; Wipe is a secure delete. 1.10
Disk Fill
Optimally arrange files onto floppy disks. 1.01
Errout Send stderr to stdout, maintaining order. 1.11
File Identify files. 5.30
Find Words
Find words matching a pattern, multiple words in an anagram. 2
GNU Win32 builds of some GNU software.  
IfOnline Prevent the browser opening when offline. 1.00
jNDIR Directory lister. 1.24
File viewer. 608
Search and replace. 2.0.6
Miscellaneous utilities.  
Mouse Gestures Use simple mouse movements to manipulate windows. 2.02
OMIBAR Create an image of a CD-ROM; extract its boot image. 1
OllyDbg Plugins for OllyDbg.  
PCRE Perl-compatible regular expressions. 8.40/10.23
Plink Slightly improved PuTTY link for interactive use. 0.62r9535
Proceed Wait for a condition to be met. 1.01
PVR Customised Digitel+ HT8400 PVR firmware. 1.02.4A
Run a program requiring a CD. 1.00 (Win32)
1.02 (DOS)
7-Zip File archiver. 19.00a3
TCCONIO Turbo-C compatible CONIO library (for MinGW). 2.00
A public domain text (and binary) editor. 5.1v
Telecurs Automatically move the Windows cursor to dialog buttons. 1.11
TerminalVector TrueType conversion of Windows 8x12 raster fonts. 2.1
Time and Date
Display the time any way you like. Correct for RTC drift (DOS only). Perform calculations. 2.10
UnRAR Extract RAR archives. 5.40
Displays discrepancy between file size and disk allocation. 2.33
Windows Filename Completion Provides filename completion to Windows edit controls. 1.13
Wildcard rename - flexible file renaming. 1.02
eXtended Dump - file dump utility. 1.20
Balls of Steel Loader for this and other Wildfire pinballs.  
Crazy Minigolf Fix a couple of problems.  
Dora the Explorer Fixes some issues with Backpack Adventure.  
Fairyway Solitaire A patch to tweak a few things.  
Freelancer Tools, info and mods for the space game.  
Puzzle Book by Hal Gashtan.  
Mine Mayhem
Clone of Minesweeper, with extra features. 2.90
Minesweeper Cheat Show the mines for the Vista & 7 Minesweeper (32- & 64-bit). 1.00
Mini Golf Mayhem A cheat for Mini Golf Mayhem.  
winDetective Board game inspired by Cluedo/Clue. 1.0r
Program Description Version
CmdEdit Command line editing utility, with symbols (aliases), macros and (long) filename completion. 3.21
CWSORT Sort a file. 1.01
DOS7 Book First steps towards system programming under MS-DOS7.  
DOSLFN Long filenames in plain DOS. 0.41f
Map Memory map (alternative to MEM). 3.0
MouseClip Mouse-based copy and paste in DOS text modes. 1.10
Move To CD replacement, with partial paths, previous directories and a directory stack. 2.52
Movies DOS/text viewer for Movie Select's movie database. 1.00
QuickFileCollection Collect multiple files into one file (similar to tar). 3.02
Run A collection of programs to run other programs.  
SHSUCD CD-ROM programs (including MSCDEX replacement). 3-7/3.09
SHSUFDRV Floppy and hard disk image driver; RAM drive. 3
Text Mode Utilities to manipulate the VGA & windowed text screen. May 2003
Trace Display the FAT chain of a file or directory. 2.03

Jason Hood
7 July, 2024.