Since the feeds and maintainer are no longer available here's my attempt to update some things. You'll have to manually install this to activate this feed, after which the following should become available via the normal update mechanism.

I'd appreciate it if you could change the update check to one or two days, or even turn it off (updates won't be that frequent and will be announced in the Beyonwiz forum).

Deswapper (5k)
EPGRefresh (61k)
fstab-Editor (14k)
IceTV (37k)
IceTVDesc (6k)
IMDb (51k)
Quick Move (4k)
ReconstructApSc (2k)

Easy skin (3.5M)
Full-Metal-Wizard skin (5M)
OverlayHD skin (7.5M)

Jason Hood.
16 December, 2023.