Microcosm (and here's an ad) is a puzzle book by Hal Gashtan. Unfortunately, that's pretty much all I can tell you, since I have made very little progress. There's a forum at Quest4Treasure with a bit more information.

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Thanks to N. Mynheer for allowing me to include the illustrations.

Microcosm (22k; Win32 & DOS binaries, C source). This is a C conversion of the Basic program, with all the text built-in.
Windows GUI version (11k; includes C source). Uses drop-down lists to select lines and key.
Bruternd (17k; includes C source). Brute force attack. This is an XP console program, but the source shouldn't be that hard to adapt to other systems.
Select (14k; includes C source). Choose appropriate candidate lines. This is a Win32 console program, but see above.
Wordlist (416k) required by Bruternd and Select.
text.h required by all the sources.

A message! Start ucosm with this file; or close microcosm, replace state.txt with this file and restart.

Jason Hood.
24 October, 2010.