Balls of Steel

Christophe Thibault wrote a nice loader for Balls of Steel. Here's an enhanced version, that works with other Wildfire pinballs: Devil's Island Pinball, KISS Pinball, Dirt Track Racing Pinball, Austin Powers Pinball and Ultimate Pinball Gold.

The tables will start in full-screen mode (and not on top), unless windowed exists in the current directory. The table window will be sized according to the resolution (and assuming it fits your desktop). I've also disabled F from toggling full-screen and fixed F1 (sources: C files for the Barbarian and MM patches, VPatch patch for the UPG patch, Multiline Ultimate Assembler for the loader and launcher).

BOS Loader Extract to your game directory and modify your shortcut to insert bosloader.exe. For example, if your shortcut is "C:\Games\Pinball\Devil's Island Pinball\devils.exe" replace it with "C:\Games\Pinball\Devil's Island Pinball\bosloader.exe" devils.exe. You could also use devils.ddp to start the table directly, with the same options as last time.
Barbarian Patch Patches Barbarian (v1.3) to fix the COLLECT WATER ELEMENT message. Run in the same directory as barbarin.ddp.
International Man of Mystery Patch Patches International Man of Mystery to display the title (as just "Man of Mystery") and version in the dotpanel. Run in the same directory as mm.ddp.
MainLauncher Windowed version of the Ultimate Pinball Gold launcher.
UPG Patch The 1024x768 versions of Paris and Project Zero are missing the flipper sprites; this patch adds the ones from Devil's Island. Run in your UPG directory.
Cheats Balls of Steel, Devil's Island Pinball, Austin Powers Pinball, KISS Pinball, Dirt Track Racing Pinball and Ultimate Pinball Gold.

Jason Hood.
12 March, 2016.