PCRE is a library for Perl-compatible regular expressions. This is my custom build (8- & 16-bit characters, ANYCRLF, UTF-8, Unicode properties) using VC6 (w/ 2003 R2 PSDK) and MSVCRT.

pcre-8.40 (423k) or pcre2-10.23 library (432k; DLLs, manual, quick reference, headers and import libraries).
pcre-8.40 (13k) or pcre2-10.23 (9k) makefile, config.h and supplementary files.
pcregrep (39k) or pcre2grep (44k, patched to add new only-matching --output option, with equivalent callouts).
pcretest (61k) or pcre2test (84k).

Jason Hood.
19 February, 2017.