Here are some tools, plugins, information files and mods for the Microsoft/Digital Anvil game Freelancer.

Jason's Freelancer Patch v1.20 (3.1M; get the updated DLL below, too). Expands on the work of Louva-Deus (SDK/QuickFix) and Buck Danny (Unofficial FL SP patch), providing many additional improvements and some new features (additional controls, including rolling and vertical strafing (warning: may be considered cheating on some servers); actual Stats displays for Powerplants, Engines, Scanners, Tractor Beams and Armor; widescreen support). All the information given below is based on this, so if you're not using it, some names and loot might be different. The resource file sources (674k; FRC) I created are also available.

JFLP.DLL v1.21 (7k). Just the DLL (and its source) if you only want the new features.
JFLP v1.00. Version 1.20 was a little rushed, so here's the earlier version just in case. Unfortunately, there's a bug preventing completion of Mission 9. Add “Act_LockDock = Player, Ku07_to_Ku06_hole, unlock” after “Cnd_CommComplete = DX_M09_0620_HAKKERA” (line 1841) to DATA\MISSIONS\M09\m09.ini to fix it (then load the latest save).

Information files The above text files are Unix (LF) with no tabs; the files in the zips are DOS (CRLF) with a tab size of 8. The nickname files are presented as MiniTrue string input files.

Save Games (extract to My Documents\My Games\Freelancer\Accts\SinglePlayer)
Solo Multiplayer

Jason Hood.
31 October, 2017.