WinDetective is an old Windows board game, inspired by Cluedo/Clue. Thanks to the original creators, I'm able to release the full version.

winDetective v1.0r (110k). It's a 16-bit program, so 64-bit users will need an emulator (XP mode, Virtual PC, VirtualBox, Bochs, maybe even DOSBox).

Scans of the original art by co-creator and copyright holder, Taral Wayne. This artwork may only be used to enhance the player's enjoyment of winDetective. The artist does not otherwise surrender his claim of copyright. Alterations to this artwork may not be made without his permission.

Capt. Yager & Ms. Terrie Sex-Crime & Jealousy
'Download' & Dr. Zero Profit & Politics
Lt. Nord & Ambassador Xo Espionage & Blackmail


Monofil-Noose & Tailored Virus Command Deck, Quarters & Research Lab
Neuro-Stim & Hand Blaster Docking Bay, Payload Bay & Drive Section
Vibro-Shiv & Gamma Bomb Armoury, Hydroponics & Computer Station

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Jason Hood.
16 February, 2010.