TerminalVector is a basic TrueType conversion of the Windows 8x12 raster fonts. Spiritually it's an update to George Yohng's version, but it's been created from scratch. I've also converted Dmitry Bolkhovityanov's Unicode VGA (8x16) and Markus Kuhn's UCS fonts (as Fixed for 6x12, 6x13, 7x14, 9x18 & 10x20 and Small for 4x6, 5x7, 5x8, 6x9 & 6x10). With Windows 7 (and presumably later), ClearType seems to prevent the bitmaps from being used; I can supply a patch to disable it within conhost.exe for these fonts (see the difference here).

TerminalVector v2.1 (284k).
VGAVector v1.0 (309k).
FixedVector v1.0 (1.1M).
SmallVector v1.0 (271k).

Jason Hood.
1 September, 2015.