7-Zip is a file archiver with a high compression ratio. This release improves NSIS support and the console version.

7-Zip is capable of recreating the NSIS script, but it has been disabled by default. I've enabled it, along with some improvements. In particular, simple variable assignments are made, which makes more file names available. E.g. a portion of a Big Fish Games installer:


The console version gains command c to extract to the console (shorthand for combining existing options), along with some more listing options. There's also a new -sub option, intended to substitute text for NSIS variables, but usable with any archive.

7-Zip 19.00a3 Win32 binary (878k).
7-Zip 19.00a3 Win64 binary (1.1M).
Diff from 19.00 or 19.00a to 19.00a2; diff from 19.00a2 to 19.00a3.

A3 prevents archive names matching at the end and works better with the NSIS installers from Enkord.

A2 fixes -sub and only matches at the start by default; list/extract paths may use a leading \ to match at the start (and only list/extract will match at the end, not add et al).

Jason Hood.
11 March, 2020.