Boot Manager

Vista's default boot manager looked a little bland, so I spiced it up with a bit of colour and "graphics" (have a closer look, if you skipped it before). How? The display is generated by an XSLT transformation, stored in the MUI file. Using Resource Hacker, I extracted the resource (BOOTMGR.XSL from c:\boot\en-us\bootmgr.exe.mui), modified it and put it back. (My boot drive is FAT; you may need to take ownership if using NTFS -- see How-To Geek for how to do that.) Here is my BOOTMGR.XSL file, with all the modifications taking place in the "osboot-list-tools" section, about through (search for "tools"). It's encoded as UTF-8; you will need to save it as Unicode before replacing it (use "Save As" in Notepad). The default header/footer/selection colour can be changed by adding inverse-color="XXXXRGBX" to body; the non-selected list colour can be changed by adding normal-color="RGBX" to select.

Jason Hood.
29 August, 2007.

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