SHSUCD is a suite of programs dealing with the CD-ROM. It contains:
  • a replacement for MSCDEX. v3.09
  • emulates a CD-ROM using an image file. v3.01
  • emulates a CD-ROM using an image file in memory. v1.00
  • emulates a DVD-ROM using multiple image files. v1.00
  • emulates a CD-ROM using an image created in memory.  v1.01
  • OMI:
  • creates an image file from a CD or DVD. v1.00
  • extracts the boot image from a bootable CD or image. v1.01

    A new developer is needed. Interested?

    SHSUCD r3-7 (209k, includes NASM and Borland C sources).
    SHSUCDX v3.09 (56k). Fixes compatibility with Macintosh discs (ignores Associated Files).
    Alternative version of SHSUCDX with a smaller binary and easier compilation (not publicly available).

    SHSUCD v1.4b (232k, includes MASM/MSC sources). The original version by John McCoy, includes client/server programs.
    SHSUCDHD v2.1 (10k, includes MASM source). If you want to use an image within Win9X, you'll need this version (or use SHSUDVHD).

    OMIBAR 32 (26k). Win32 versions of OMI and ISOBAR (not for 9X).

    Jason Hood.
    2 September, 2022.